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Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
but to the rest of the world, otherwise these giant starvation's that fall -- the current science advisor predicted would have happen. they just didn't see the green level issue coming. it's also true that the increase in the means of the lifespan has been extraordinary. it's gone up 50% in the 20 century. either way it did that in 19 century, too. that's an enormous leverage because you get much more out of people. spent 30 years producing somebody with a ph.d and that means i spend was 50, well, do the math. but now people like us just seem to go on forever. that's a huge increase in productivity. you get out of the same people. and we don't notice it. because every three years you remain alive in the 20 century your means expected lifespan went up about one year. and because its gradual you don't see. so there are other candidates. >> i would, by the way, add to that, not only from individuals but we have at least in some countries this one in particular have essentially doubled the workforce by including women in science and education, so that we can do 40 years ago even. >> most peop
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1